Augur Labs Inflation Nowcast

Inflation is one of the most important drivers of asset returns. The rapid acceleration in inflation back in 2021 and the recent disinflation have had significant impact on monetary policy and financial markets. Based on a combination of big data and traditional data, Augur Labs provides daily underlying inflation, headline inflation, and core inflation nowcasts for 37 economies.

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High Signal-to-Noise Ratio

In addition to headline inflation and core inflation nowcasts, we also provide an innovative and significantly less noisy underlying inflation measure. Our underlying inflation nowcast unmasks the true underlying trends in inflation, allowing investors to look through the noise.

Big Data In, Big Data Out

Augur’s indicators integrate a massive amount of traditional and alternative data for a timely view of inflation. The use of alternative data allows us to quickly pinpoint key turning points in inflation.

Global Coverage

Augur’s indicators are available for 37 economies, representing 90% of world GDP and nearly the entire investable universe. We apply the same, consistent model for all countries over time to facilitate comparability.

High Frequency

Updated daily, the indicators incorporate the latest data releases in a timely fashion.

Point-in-Time Estimates

We use real-time unrevised data whenever possible, providing a solid foundation for strategy backtests.