Augur Labs Infinity

A picture is worth a thousand words. Infinity is an AI-powered financial analytics and visualization platform for data-driven investors.

App screenshot

Powered by AI

Perform complex analytics with natural language.

Say goodbye to instruction manuals

Infinity’s AI, powered by Large Language Models, can help you find data, compose expressions to perform complex time series analytics, add annotations, create elaborate chart layouts, and much more.

Elevate your productivity

Achieve multiple steps with a single statement, such as “plot the CPI for both Australia and Canada.” Our AI also remembers everything it has done, allowing you to incrementally build out complex analytics.

Data for 200 countries, ready to roll

Clean, long-term & actionable data at your fingertip

Depth + Length

Economic data for 200 countries, going back centuries. Market data for equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, alternative risk premium, crypto, even OTC derivatives. The size of the database does matter.

Ready to Use

Infinity’s data has been cleaned, stitched, and pre-processed by domain experts, so you can focus on analyzing the data.

Data You Won't Find Elsewhere

Unique datasets we have painstakingly assembled, such as constant maturity bond yields for the US since 1918, US core inflation since 1901, and FX rates going back a century.

Proprietary Indicators to Help You Navigate the Markets

Access Augur’s full suite of proprietary indicators, including daily growth nowcasts for 37 countries, global slack measures, trade-weighted real effective exchange rates, constant maturity yield curves, and much more.

Vintage Point-in-Time Data

Unrevised, point-in-time data for numerous indicators, giving you confidence that your analyses and backtests have no look-ahead biases.

On-Demand Data

Need to work on a dataset we don’t have yet? Simply submit a data request. We fulfill most data requests on the same day, a track record unmatched in the industry.

Complex visuals made simple

Tell powerful stories with expressive charts, fast

Production quality visuals without the effort

Create beautiful visuals that look like they are prepared by a professional graphics department, effortlessly. Plus, everything on Infinity is fast and responsive, supercharging your productivity.

Numerous chart types

From simple line charts to complex statistical charts such as box plots, or even the Fed's dot plots. Everything is just one click away.


Annotate key events, or shade recessions and bear markets, with ease and style.

Interactive Storyboards & Canvases

Build rich Storyboards with up to 50 panels on a single page, and combine a collection of Storyboards into an interactive canvas. Point and click; no programmers needed.

Recycle & Reuse

Infinity’s innovative “parameterized storyboards” let you recycle charts like no other. Build a chart for one country, and an automagically created toggle lets you use it for other countries with zero work.

Advanced analytics in seconds

Super quant powers at your command

Instant Codes

Using advanced data science techniques is now easier than running regressions. Instantly apply the most complex time series analytics to your data with just a few keystrokes. Even better, the Infinity AI can help you compose these codes using natural language!


“What typically happens after the Fed raises rates?” Wonder no more. Construct analogs to answer these questions in a minute or two. See both the likely path forward and the range of outcomes.

Python Savvy

Python is Infinity’s native tongue. Perform even more advanced analytics and strategy backtests with built-in support for numpy and pandas.